Timo Khammash Attempted To Defrauded Me

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Timo Khammash of Engel & Volkers Florida has attempted to defraud me multiple times. I know others that have had congruent experiences with Timo.


I had an agreement with Timo that I would be paid on any franchisee that moved forward in correlation to my lead generation. Throughout my  campaign (which transpired for around 1 year) I produced 1,694 prospective franchise leads throughout the state of Florida. Once I completed the first pass of the campaign, Timo took the leads. He then decided he was not going to pay me on my efforts.

When the franchise sales executive, Sean, asked Timo Khammash if he was going to pay me on the leads I had generated as agreed upon, Timo  responded with: “let’s give Brian a big F You.”

The franchise sales executives sworn statement is below:

Timo Khammash

It’s important to note, that Sean (the franchise sales executive who wrote the sworn statement above) was owed two weeks pay (for the time he worked), when Timo canceled his contract. He acknowledged and agreed to pay it, only to reverse the payment after the fact from his bank account. Screen capture of the actual reversal from Timo is below:

Timo Khammash

To date, Timo has not paid what he owes Sean ($3,500), and rationalized it by telling Sean he put a “hole in his desk”, for a small computer wire, of which he got permission for prior to. Not only that, Sean volunteered countless hours of his time (at least 10 for free) to assist Timo in renovating his office space.

Timo subsequently had a lawyer write a nasty cease and desist letter to Sean, accusing Sean of defamatory comments “after his employment ended.” The reality is, Sean was telling me everything that was transpiring while he was employed by Engel & Volkers Florida, and as a result of his dismay, he ended up ruffling feathers/being let go. Therefor to explicitly state “he intended to disparage Timo after being let go” is not only erroneous, it’s comical and untrue. Additionally, the only defamatory comments came from Timo. Please see below:

Months After The Above Events

Timo Khammash was upset a factual fan page about him existed (similar to the one you’re reading now), and in consequence decided at the time to adhere to the legal contract which was already in place, and subsequently amended it (to pay me on my 1,694 leads) for a total of 3 years (which expires in August of 2021).

Up until recently, I assumed Timo was honoring this agreement. However, I saw that a franchisee (I was the causal factor in procuring) aquired his fourth franchise location, and I was only paid on 1 and 2 (not 3 and 4). Timo and Engel & Volkers Florida rationalized it by stating “we didn’t receive a franchise fee for franchise location 3 and 4, and not only that, but they weren’t indeed “franchises” at all.” Yet they explicitly refer to them as franchises (more on this shorty), and please see below:

In the press release Timo wrote and or approved through his own PR software, he goes on to state over and over again they are franchise locations, please see below:

Timo Khammash

Engel & Volkers Florida along with Timo go on to state:

“Corey acquired the territory of Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach as part of his regional growth strategy. Corey is the License Partner of Engel & Völkers Jacksonville, with locations in St. Johns, Jacksonville Beach, and now Neptune Beach.” Along with; “The newest shop will serve the beachside communities of Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, North Beach and Mayport.” And; “We are thrilled to expand our presence in Northeast Florida with Corey,” said Peter Giese, Chief Growth Officer at Engel & Völkers Florida. “Our core focus is on expanding into new markets throughout Florida with industry leaders who have demonstrated impressive achievements. We are delighted by Corey’s performance with his first two shops and look forward to working alongside him on his next venture in Neptune Beach.” Followed by ““Engel & Völkers Jacksonville’s newest shop in Neptune Beach will make a wonderful addition to our ever-growing network,” said Timo Khammash, Managing Partner of Engel & Völkers Florida.”


Timo goes as far to have his lawyer write a letter contradicting the above release Timo issued, in essence stating that these are indeed not “franchise” locations, and in consequence I’m not “entitled to a commission” because of it. Please see below:

Timo Khammash

Keep in mind, the presumption is that any franchise awarded will have to pay a franchise fee. Therefor, to bring up a stipulation in the contract, as a means of avoiding a commission owed (on both free and 10 installments) is absurd and possibly a blatant disregard of franchise law.

Timo Khammash

Ironically enough, even after Engel & Volkers Florida stated I would be receiving a commission for their 10 installment plan franchise, only days later they now take the position that this commission no longer exists, again making it up as they go along.


Timo Khammash is trying to avoid paying commissions on franchises sold per our agreement, and in consequence is more than likely violating his FDD (which requires new franchises opened to pay a franchise fee), by stating “well we decided to give them away for free, or we decided to offer a payment plan of 10 installments, and we aren’t going to pay you per our prior agreement.”

This has absolutely nothing to do with me, yet Timo used it as a rationalization to not pay me commissions owed. This is also congruent to Sean’s salary reversal of $3,500 from Timo out of his bank account (which Timo took from his bank account without permission), and in so far as I know, Timo will find any reason not to pay you. From a “tiny hole in a desk” that apparently costs over $3,500 to mitigate, to more than likely breaking franchise laws and have his attorneys fire off absurd letters.

In my opinion, you should be very careful if you plan to do business with Timo Khammash.
Timo Khammash
Timo Khammash Possibly Laughing After He Attempted To Defraud Me